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Executive Search is recommended when exclusivity is important and the best path to success.  Executive Search is especially vital when the goal is to secure a Japan Country Manager or Japan General Manager for a company planning to enter the Japan market.  Executive Searches are also used when starting a new business initiative where confidentiality is important.  Some clients also use Executive Search when market perceptions affect the client’s ability to attract the top talent.  All Executive Searches are performed by our CEO along with an in-house sourcing / research specialist and are prioritized over Contingency Searches.  With an Executive Search the client receives complete exclusivity regarding candidate introductions until they reject any particular candidate from their search.

The ultimate goal of an Executive Search is to find the best person the market has to offer at the time of your search and prevent you from hiring the wrong person.  We carefully engage to understand your specific needs as well as how to position your business / company vision by connecting with your executive team members.  We then access our Japan Talent Network to identify, evaluate, and present a short list consisting of the Japan Market’s most qualified candidates (including a summary of their career and motivation for change) so that you can meet them all in a shorter period of time allowing you to focus on securing the best person the Japan market has to offer without losing to the competition due to timing or other factors.  We manage the entire process (including the interview scheduling) and provide timely updates including the search progress, detailed reports, and candidate feedback along the way (including other potential offers, additional questions, changes of heart, needing more time with your team, etc), and provide training on how to interview Japanese candidates. 



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