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Scale [ˈskāl]

= to grow or expand in a proportional and profitable way

Insight [ˈin-ˌsīt]

= the power or act of seeing into a situation



ScaleInsight provides valuable insights and consultation services to candidates using their work experience and personal career goals to help them scale their careers.


ScaleInsight helps technology companies from the Silicon Valley who are building the underlying technologies and platforms of the future to enter and scale in the Japan market.



Scaling a business or a career in Japan is easier said than done. The process of identifying, evaluating, and securing local talent as well as setting up operations in Japan has many moving parts - all of which require careful assessment. The way to enter and scale a business in the Japan market varies significantly because every company is unique and the Japan market is complex.


Finding functionally capable English speaking talent that excels in Japanese business culture and one that also fits in with Silicon Valley culture is another challenge in Japan. Japan has one of the smallest percentage of English speaking populations in the world combined with a shrinking population making a talent lake that is small. Every company from both inside and outside of Japan is fishing in that same lake. Japan is also just a single generation removed from a long history of lifetime employment. Another contributing factor to the shortage of top talent is that many of the most talented workers in Japan with a stable job are not actively looking or are unaware of new career advancement opportunities because they do not know the true Japan market value of their skills or experience.

Rather than trying to hire the perfect candidate, we believe in the strategy of securing the best candidate available in the market at the time of your search; focusing on those who believe in and can articulate your unique company vision, have a history of success, who can work within your culture and share your values, and someone intelligent who has ambition as well as hard work ethic. We provide valuable insights and support on what makes a Japan business successful in Japan throughout the recruiting process and after onboarding. Companies need to show their local talent that they plan to have deep involvement in Japan and then deliver on their commitments. Company leaders need to be focused on making their Japan leadership and local talent successful by having active dialogues to solve problems as well as to understand each other (including differences in business culture and customs) in order to grow the business and retain local talent. We at ScaleInsight can show you how.


We founded ScaleInsight to support rapidly growing technology companies from the Silicon Valley facing similar problems. We aim and enjoy helping companies as they look to enter and scale in the Japan market and also help candidates as they look to advance by giving them insights to discover new career opportunities.

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We believe that talent is a company’s greatest asset. We help identify, evaluate, and secure local talent in the Japan market that makes a real difference in ensuring the right team is in place so that you can scale your business. The insights we provide are based on over 16+ years of experience having successfully completed searches for numerous companies in different solution categories at all levels.


We believe in diversity and inclusion. In order to help Silicon Valley Technology companies find great talent, we seek people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that support our value proposition. Therefore - we prioritize diversity and inclusion in our search methodology, hiring practices, our company culture, and in all our engagements with people and businesses around the world.

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Andrew worked remotely with close to zero in-person interactions with candidates and clients throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. This experience changed his thinking and strategies about the way to communicate with candidates and clients. Not only is it important to understand about a candidate’s career goals and a client’s hiring objectives but also to understand how this pandemic has impacted each person’s life at home and at the work place. Most people (including Andrew) are still learning to balance family responsibilities, health, and work all at the same time. COVID-19 has created a growing number of challenges for companies seeking talent all around the world, including companies hoping to enter and scale in the Japan market. Those challenges have made hiring talent more difficult than ever before.

As a direct result of Andrew's past experience and his own new insights during the past year, he founded ScaleInsight to support rapidly growing technology companies from the Silicon Valley to scale quickly in the Japan market around the foundation of great people and to help candidates as they look to find a better work environment to achieve their career goals. Japan is an important market in a global growth story and just like in all markets success starts with finding great talent.  ScaleInsight aims to play a critical part in supporting client’s revenue growth in Japan as well as helping local candidates further develop their skillsets and career aspirations by aligning them with the right job opportunities.


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Shippo, or the “seven treasures”, is represented by never-ending circles overlapping, forming a shining star in each center. This is considered as an auspicious design that embodies eternal chain of expansion, happiness, and financial success. We chose this logo along with Japanese colors because it is a visual representation of our company’s vision.

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